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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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I used to hate secrets. Some people threaten to reveal them in order to lord things over you, others are just bad at keeping them and they get out anyway. In games of Truth or Dare, I usually went for the latter (and spent many a day without eyebrows as a result). However, I'm also guilty of divulging hush-hush info, because today I'm going to tell you all about Kylies Secret.

Oh, whatever could it be? Did she wet herself while laughing one day? Does she have webbed feet? Is it a crush on Edward from "Twilight"? Nope, nope and nope! KyliesSecret is a lot less complicated and a lot more hot than that. You see, she likes to strip in front of people, namely us.

The result is that you can watch her taking it all off in all sorts of locations around her home, including her living room and bedroom and even outside in the garden or in her pool. Sometimes she even poses nude in a secluded part of a park, as well as invites her busty female friend over to strip and pose with her, like when they hung X-mas ornaments from each other's nipples.

The bad news is that there are only 15 movies and they're almost all broken up into two parts. Plus, the entire scene is usually less than 10 minutes. More bad news is that updates stopped a long time ago. I'd like to say that the videos will dazzle you, but the quality is below average. At least you get files that you can enjoy on mobile devices.

The 55 photo galleries are certainly the site's saving grace, as you get a pretty decent amount of pics per set. Also, each is high-res and typically has good lighting. They show Kylie in various stages of undress and feature either artistic nudity or focus on really raunchy and seductive shots that you'd normally expect a pornstar to invoke. Never anything too raunchy, though.

Extras include 11 bonus sites, like All Over Lexi, Alyssa Roxi and Kori Kitten. There are also webcam shows with other girls, additional photo sets, a user forum and wallpaper. There's a section dedicated solely to Kylie's webcam performances, but it's empty because she never appeared on cam. Seeing how little content you get and how unimpressive its quality is, Kylies Secret isn't one you'll want to join.

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