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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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It's not every day that you meet a chick who's as sweet as honey and twice as tasty, but that's where Ashleys Candy Mobile comes in. The site's star will melt your heart and drive you wild. She's also the kind of chick who likes to give you a good, close look at her incredible tits and amazing ass.

The design is about as simple as you would expect for a website made for portable devices, but not to the point where you'd call it amateur. What does come off that way is how all the videos on AshleysCandyMobile don't look all that great. At times you'll feel like they were filmed with cellphones.

The site splits its content into three sections, namely "videos," "galleries" and "camshows." The galleries are self-explanatory, but the other two need a little more detail to figure out what's what. Basically, there are 309 movies and all are filmed with a less-than stellar webcam.

The cam shows are exactly what you think they would be, whereas the "videos" are just additional performances she filmed at random when not chatting with anyone. You can tell by the choppiness, graininess and similar backgrounds that she most likely used the exact same webcam to film them.

Being an unimpressive webcam, the fluidity, clarity and brightness of the videos are usually pretty poor. However, I noticed a few average-looking vids here and there among those listed as live cam performances.

They all show her in various stages of undress as she flirts with the camera, whereas some also have her teaming up with another woman for a striptease or some making out. The only real difference is that the movies in the video section often come in two parts and are about a fifth of the overall length of the webcam vids.

The pic sets are what will really blow you away because they're all stellar. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've never seen pics look so good on a mobile before. There's a high degree of professionalism to them and they show up on your small screen perfectly. There are 50 sets in all, but be aware that they're featured alongside 139 sets of vid caps that aren't anywhere near as impressive.

While the webcam vids are dated, the rest of the content is not. That said, there are dates to be found on the non-mobile version of the site (which you also have access to) and they show that the website isn't updating all that often. The last video was added back in July 2012 and we've only gotten a couple of photo sets since then.

If you do take the time to visit the standard version, be sure to also take a look at the sites that come with it. There are 12 of them and they mostly showcase individual models, like on All Over Lexi, Kori Kitten and Tera 19.

Ashley Candy Mobile is like a mixed bag of tasty treats with a hole in the bottom. It's both thrilling and disappointing at once, but all things considered, I think it's worth your time.

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