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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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There are certain babes you want to have access to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's for this reason that cell phone technology has advanced so darn much over such a short period of time. Luckily for us, Southern Brooke Mobile is a site that lets us take a smoking-hot brunette on the go.

For starters, the star of SouthernBrookeMobile is one feisty little minx. You'll see her posing nude a lot of the time, but before that you normally get to catch her wearing something naughty and slowly stripping out of it. She's no stranger to talking dirty and poses in cheerleader, cowgirl and other hot outfits. Or, rather, parts of those outfits (being naughty, she often shows up topless).

Her content is divided into four sections, one for photos, one for webcam videos, one for cam shows and one for movies. It looks like the flicks were all filmed with a webcam and they all showcase the same kind of action. Adding them all up, you get 130 videos.

The videos sometimes show her fooling around with gal pals, but I wouldn't really call it lesbian sex. It's mostly stripping, posing and talking dirty, along with the occasional masturbation with or without a sex toy. Most of the vids look average, while some of the oldest ones in the cam shows section are below average in quality.

Where things really pick up is in the picture section. It's home to 144 photo galleries and each image looks great. They're all crystal clear and perfectly fit your mobile screens, as well as having significantly better lighting than the movies do.

Navigation used to be somewhat of a chore, as the only way you could explore the sections was by clicking through the pages. These days, however, getting around is much easier, because you now have the ability to jump to specific pages. This small change has really done wonders for the site.

Only Brooke's cam shows are dated, so it's tough to establish how often she updates. That said, looking at the non-mobile version of the Southern Brooke website (which you also have access to) it seems as though it's been quite some time since she made a new movie. I can also confirm that nothing has changed on the mobile version for over a year.

If you want to check out some additional flicks when you get done with the main ones, you can take a peek at the ones on the bonus sites that you can access by going through Brooke's standard site. There are a dozen in all, including Alyssa Roxi, Kori Kitten and Tera 19.

While its videos could look better, Southern Brooke Mobile is worth visiting all the same. Its star's feisty attitude and the quality of its pictures overshadow its few faults.

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