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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Emily Star wants to be a star. She knows that lots of people want to be famous, but she wants to be famous for being in porn. And who am I to destroy a girl's dreams? Based on her looks, she could definitely become a star. Her pretty face, dark hair and big natural boobs are all star-quality. She also has a tiny bit of extra meat on her bones, which I think looks nice.

The EmilyStar site contains 30 photo sets and 30 videos and every one is a solo scene featuring sexy Emily. She often begins dressed in a cute or sexy outfit and gradually removes her clothes (or at least most of them) until her bare skin and naughty bits are getting some air.

She is definitely a cutie, but she doesn't always look completely comfortable. I appreciate this amateur quality and I liked that she had a nice variety of hot outfits, but I do have to say that her movies are a little boring - and short (about three minutes long). The good news is that the photos are high-res and the videos are available for download in full-length HD Windows Media files.

At this point, though, Emily's star potential seems a little doubtful and there is something that makes me question whether or not she really wants to be a star - she isn't updating her site anymore.

Now, if Emily really had her heart set on stardom, wouldn't you think she'd spend her time producing new content and trying to make her site and name bigger? Oh, and don't let the recent dates on the content fool you - she really isn't updating, the dates just get changed to make the material look newer than it actually is.

Extras are always a nice thing to find and in this case you get access to more than 30additional sites from the Girlies Pass network, like Maria Spanks and Alicia Dreams. What might entice you to join is your desire to see Emily Star naked, but given the site's size and lack of growth, you really won't stick with it for long despite the quality of its content.

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