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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Okay, just so you know right off the very top - you won't see any real banging on Madison Bangs. Its star does have some long bangs, so maybe that's where they were going with the "bangs" part of the sitename. The girl doesn't even do any self-banging. The material is all solo posing and light lesbian touching and kissing (i.e., no muff diving). Now that you know that, let's discuss what you will see on this slender brunette's personal website.

The first thing I want to discuss is the size of the collection. (Yes, size matters in this case. Or every case, whatever.) You only get 17 videos and 33 photo galleries on MadisonBangs and, needless to say, those aren't overwhelming totals. To make matters worse, the site has stopped updating. It makes it looks like its content is new, but the very same porn has been available for a long time now.

It's a little sad that you won't be getting any further material, because in addition to featuring a cutie with a subtle edge, the quality of the Windows Media files is great. Not everything about the material is great, though, as the vids can be a bit short and you can't download the high-res galleries in Zip files.

I've reviewed a handful of sites from this network already and I have to say that the doll on this one is a little more kinky than the others. True, there is no real hardcore and you won't get to see her nude poon, but she goes a bit further with boob sucking, wet and messy fun and simulated cock sucking with a banana (and a friend). Her little bit of ink and nipple stud should have tipped me off, but I always enjoy these kinds of surprises.

Most of the flicks show Madison having innocent fun with another chick named Chloe. One thing I have to point out (and it pains me to do so), is that Chloe has a tendency to steal the show, as she seems a little more aggressive and playful. These two gal pals play in an inflatable pool full of bubbles, dribble melted popsicles all over each other and share some lollies in the most seductive of ways.

For extras, you get access to just over 30 sites that make up the Girlies Pass network, including Sophie Banks and Stacey Lacey. Be aware, however, that a lot of these are rather small and not getting any bigger. As for Madison Bangs, the collection is too small to be worth it on its own.

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