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Updated on: 01/07/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
Average Score: 65

Since we last visited CarmenValentina...

  • We've seen updates start getting posted a little more often and nearly 50 videos and almost 60 sets of pictures have been added.
  • We were informed that the download limit increased from 10GB/day to 20GB/day.

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Carmen Valentina has been taking names and breaking hearts for over four years now. In that time she's also sucked a lot of cock, rode at least as many and had sex with her female costars. That's what she's like in front of the camera, but have you ever wondered what she's like when not reading from a script or being directed by someone? Well, now you can find out.

First things first: CarmenValentina is just as hot off-screen as she is in front of the camera. Her site has a mix of some of the hardcore shoots she's known for as well as some behind-the-scenes glimpses, like hanging out at a bar (riding a mechanical bull of course) or naked wrestling with some of her pornstar friends. The majority of the content shows her having sex, though.

Carmen currently offers 230 movies and 267 picture sets. She's still adding new material and has posted six new flicks and seven sets of pics in the last 30 days alone, so those totals continue to improve. Each video can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded, often as Windows Media and MP4 files. The older scenes aren't as impressive as the newer ones, but you'll find plenty of films that offer good-quality playback. You'll also come across numerous Full HD movies.

The pics are no less impressive. The sizes can vary a bit, but they're always high-res and normally very well lit. There's a lot of posing that you won't find in the movies as well as shots taken during filming. It's here where you can spot Carmen at porn conventions. Unfortunately, there's no option to save the sets in Zip files, which is a shame as some contain close to 200 images.

There's an archive section, but it's actually filled with hundreds of bonus videos. Besides old scenes starring Carmen (which are more rare), it also includes films featuring the stars of Angelina Castro Live, Puma Swede and Vicky At Home, which just so happen to be some of the bonus sites. There are more than a dozen and they're all part of the VNA Girls network. There are also live shows. Carmen is a babe you'll want to watch and her hot friends add more sexy fun.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Baley

    Score: 98% Date: 03/04/2016

    I've been a member of Carmen's site for almost a year now, and I've been extremely satisfied. Carmen has everything it takes to become my favorite pornstar. A great ass is the first thing that will catch my attention, and she has that (oh yes), but to keep my attention long-term takes a sexy voice, great dirty talk, beautiful eyes, a fun, friendly, and intelligent personality, and, sure, nice boobs too. Carmen has all that in spades.'

    One of the best perks of joining Carmen's site is getting access to her weekly camshow. Before joining I'd never been a huge camshow guy, mostly watching recorded scenes, but Carmen has converted me. She always starts with a friendly conversation with the fans who are watching, telling us what she's been up to and reading and responding to our comments. Her fun and funny personality really shines through. Then she pulls the toys out, starts the dirty talk, and it's well worth the price of admission. At the end she says goodbye to each member personally, which is a nice touch.

    She updates her site weekly with photo galleries and video scenes that show off her great looks, skills, and dirty talk. The things Carmen does in blowjobs and cowgirl scenes blow my mind, and her solo scenes are incredibly hot as well. I know I keep mentioning her voice, but the seductive and filthy things she says in her scenes make a huge difference compared to other girls who give mechanical "oh yeahs." Her photos and scenes are high quality, especially the more recent ones. I've never noticed a problem with lighting, so I'm not sure what one of the other reviewers was talking about.

    The only thing that could be seen as a con from my perspective is that I personally am not very into girl/girl scenes, and she does a lot of those, sometimes more often than boy/girl. But given that recent Pornhub data showed "lesbian" is the most popular porn search term, I'm obviously in the minority there and I'm sure most fans who join will love the girl/girl scenes.

  • Comment by: TheOldGuy

    Score: 97% Date: 03/04/2016

    I have been visiting Carmen's site for a good three years and I am never disappointed. Carmen's charm and vivacity always shine thru. She is full of life and excitement, and never fails to deliver. Her cam shows are very exciting and easy to view. She is so full of fun and laughter you can't help but be drawn into the excitement of her shoots. She does weekly shows which are archived in case you miss one. Her cam shows are well lit (natural lighting) and she totally puts herself into her members fun and excitement.

    Pic sets are not downloadable in zips because of rampant thievery. People sign up, quick download a bunch of zip files and move on. They then sell those to tube sites, and Carmen gets nothing for her effort. It is easy to scroll thru her pictures and download the ones I like for my personal enjoyment.

    Because of Carmen's liveliness and excitement, I find little to not like about her site. Navigation is easy and quick. I think the site is well organized, including access to all of the sites included in the VNA network. Carmen joined the VNA several years ago, which gives you access to about 20 other very exciting sites.

    Carmen does weekly shows where she consistently has 30 - 40 or more members log in, with a good half of them participating in chatting with her. Carmen tells us of her weekly adventures, her current shoots and showings and how her life in general is going. She treats her members like friends and makes everyone feel welcome. She says hello to each member individually, and good bye as well at the end of her show.

    Carmen updates regularly, keeping your interest at a high level. I think her pic sets are well done and her video clips are very exciting. I wouldn't call the lighting mentioned by Anonymous a "major problem." I am quite happy with it. I just can't see a better "bang" for my buck. If I could name a con, it would also be the lack of zips. But I understand and agree with the reasoning. It helps Carmen keep her content exclusive.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 30% Date: 02/11/2016

    She's definitely hot BUT there's a major problem with many of her newer videos...

    The problem?

    She's become obsessed with performing under SUPER BRIGHT LIGHTS......which add so much GLARE to the room that I find myself squinting while watching some of her videos. (not kidding either)

    In some of her videos it's almost as if the sun itself has migrated from its normal place in our solar system and taken up residence inside her bedroom.


    In one video where she's giving a BJ in the shower, there's so much sunlight (BLINDING GLARE) inside the shower that when the guy "cums" it's almost impossible to see it visually.....because the "glare" in the room is so blinding.

    That's just one example, but most of her newest videos (especially her boy/girl videos) have too much ambient glare in the room.

    The ambient glare also creates another problem... It "washes out" the colors of the video and defeats the purpose of using High Def equipment to capture rich & solid colors.

    It just doesn't look "real".

    It looks like some ridiculous attempt to create a "dream-like" you might find in a Hollywood movie where the actors are 'dreaming' or something.


    The super bright light brings out the "imperfections" in her skin way too much. You can sometimes see bits of acne underneath her facial makeup because of the super bright lights on close-up shots.

    Under normal lighting you can't see such imperfections underneath her makeup.

    Everybody understands that you can't film a porno in the dark.....BUT that doesn't mean you need to simulate the surface of the sun inside your bedroom.

    If it weren't for the light problem.....I'd have rated her site at 80%.

    Some earlier videos don't have this problem but most of the new boy/girl scenes do.

    No other porn site uses this much light.