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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Interplanetary tourism is still many years away, so be glad that you don't need a spaceship to visit All Teens World. If you're going to make the trip, all you'll need is a valid credit card, a computer with an Internet connection and a desire to see teen girls taking off their clothes.

AllTeensWorld is a mega-site that grants you access to 13 smaller sites. Most of these websites serve as showcases for individual models, but there are a couple of them that shine the spotlight on more than one girl. They're all a little on the small side, but they combine to give you 77 videos and 225 sets of pictures.

The movies don't always run that long, but they're definitely worth a look. You can download them as Windows Media files that offer great-quality playback. In the flicks, you get to see teens with tight bodies slipping out of their clothes and getting naughty with their girlfriends.

The action doesn't usually get too raunchy, but I did see things like masturbation, hotties licking pussy and babes playing with sex toys. There's a little lesbian fun while perusing the high-res pictures, but the photos mostly show you teen beauties posing in and out of their clothes. You can download them in Zip files.

Here's what you can expect from a few of the websites, starting with Play With Alicia. Alicia might just be my favorite girl on the whole network. She's absolutely stunning from top to bottom and she appears alongside a blonde babe in all her flicks. A few of these films show Alicia playing dress-up and let me just state that she looks fantastic as both a nurse and a schoolgirl.

Another site dedicated to a super-hot babe is Rachel Tease, Its star, Rachel, drives you wild as she appears in sexy outfits and then slowly disrobes until she's wearing nothing at all.

Then if you want more of the same, but not dedicated to just one girl, there's Sleepover Squad. Have you ever wondered what girls get up to at sleepovers? Well, there's no need to wonder anymore because this website shows you exactly what goes on when two hotties spend the night together.

They make it look as if the photos are being updated very frequently, but I think that they're possibly (or even more than likely) rotating content. I can at least confirm that the overall number of pics has grown significantly since our last visit. However, there are fewer videos now than we found last time and going by the dates on the site it has been over 90 days since the last update.

As far as extras go, there's a blog, a forum, a chat application and sample videos and photos from other sites. There's also a link to another website on which you can see Rachel Tease on cam, but it might take a bit of digging to find her and if you want to go private with her that will cost extra.

Remember how the Power Rangers' Zords were alright on their own, but combined to form a kick-ass Megazord? Well, All Teens World is a lot like that. The individual sites aren't incredibly impressive, but they combine to give you a pretty good deal. I would still like to get some fresh material, though.

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