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Updated on: 02/12/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • Almost two dozen videos have been added, but updates are still only every other week.

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Lara Latex is a horny British babe who happens to be married to one Mr. Jim Slip. Now, if you're familiar with Jim, you know that this older man has spent years picking up and banging hot babes much younger than him and Lara has done much of the filming of those encounters. However, without any double-standard issues, he gets behind the camera when it's her turn to fuck for Laras Playground.

I mention Jim not only because he's Lara's husband, but also because you're free to check out his content when you get yourself a membership to LarasPlayground. There's a drop-down menu you can use to access his porn. You can choose between having Jim's or Lara's material displayed, or have both their content displayed at the same time.

Lara has 129 videos and 129 sets of pictures. The movies can be downloaded in Windows Media or MP4 files as well as streamed in an embedded player. Many of the downloads look good, but the newer ones come in Full HD. They last about 30 minutes each and give you a mix of reality and gonzo scenarios. As for the pics, they're often high-res and you can download them in Zip files.

Lara has a love of stockings and lingerie, which you'll often see her sporting. I should mention that she has a fondness for girls and guys, so you'll get to enjoy her sucking and fucking cock as well as getting her mouth wet on a sweet pussy (and in one scene she gets both at the same time). In another scene a lucky fan who wrote in about his love of stockings gets to enjoy a live close-up view of all that Lara has to offer.

The site tends to only update every two weeks, so you might occasionally find yourself waiting around for new material. They used to offer a bunch of bonus movies, but they removed them long ago. The site looks great, by the way, and you can use keyword tags, post comments and sort your view of the content.

Watching Lara is a lot of fun and we're very happy that she has her own porn site. Her and Jim make one kinky couple! Laras Playground is a pretty good site overall, though it could definitely stand to update more often.

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  • Comment by: Nylon Nigel

    Score: 50% Date: 02/01/2014


    Today (1st Feb 2014) checked the larasplayground joining page, and there is now a pre-cheked cross-sale box for another site!!

    Take care to un-check it before you join (if you don't want it).

    I regard this kind of shit as underhand and sharp practice, and am now having second thoughts about joining.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:02/03/2014): Thanks for the comment, Nylon Nigel, and the head's up. We'll make the adjustment to the review to reflect this recent development.

  • Comment by: Anonymus

    Score: 50% Date: 08/17/2013

    The site itself is ok, although there are more Jim Slip movies than Lara's Playground movies (72 episodes with Lara / 504 Episodes with Jim Slip).
    The resolution of the newer clips is ok, older ones are blurry.
    Download speed is fast.

    All bonus sites are not really a bonus!
    No access to full movies, only access to the 1st clip of every episode!