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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I have been warned before that my sexual orientation will lead to an afterlife spent burning in the flames of hell. Now, I normally don't bother to argue with someone who believes such a thing, but inside my head I travel to my sinfully happy place.

Yes, I imagine Club Inferno Dungeon when I think of eternal damnation. I just feel that the devil would know how to take care of his own and he'll make sure all of us sinners are writhing in both pleasure and pain.

When it comes to updates, ClubInfernoDungeon is growing at a rate of one new video every other week these days. And there is already a good amount of content, with 463 videos and 758 photo sets as I write this. You can save your favorites, rate and sort the content, and use keyword tags to find similar action.

When my lovely coworker mentioned what much of the content here involved, I jokingly rewrote the lyrics to a classic pop song and sent her a message that read, "Let's fist again, like we did last summer. Let's fist again, like we did last year." Yes, indeed, there's a ton of fisting action here along with hot wax, bondage, pissing, sounding and smoking.

You can't download the vids, but some are labeled HD and they look excellent. The others generally look good. I'm satisfied with the streaming format as far as how quickly it loads and how you can skip ahead with only a slight delay. The high-res photos come in Zip files and often the sets only have a couple of frames and the largest ones have under 30.

You'll find a blog and some desktop wallpaper as bonuses. I should also mention that you can access this collection from a mobile device, which proves quite versatile. You could show your friends some of the crazy insertion scenes, with power bottoms taking on huge sex toys or fists up to the elbow. It could be a real icebreaker at parties, too!

Overall, Club Inferno Dungeon is a blast, even if the streaming-only vids means the nasty fun will only last as long as your membership does. It would be nice if they updated more often, though.


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