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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

Some blondes are like a gentle breeze, meaning their elegance draws you in and gives you goosebumps. Others are like a strong gust of wind in that they're immediately all over you and gone as quick as they came (pun not intended for once). That's Emily 4 You. Her charm and sex appeal will immediately pull you in and get your heart racing, but then she's gone before you know it.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, Emily4You has many faults that are very likely to annoy you. First off, there haven't been any updates to the website since 2006. Second, you don't get much content to begin with.

At first glance, it looks like you get five videos and 43 photo galleries. If you're unimpressed already, then you'll be even more let down by how those movies are actually all parts of the same video, so in reality there is only one movie. Meanwhile, Emily is only featured in 20 of the photo sets.

Add all the clips together and you're looking at about 10 minutes of footage starring this adorable and feisty Euro babe. The visuals aren't great, though, as all the clips are insanely bright. Also, while they give you good-quality playback, half of them look blurry.

The medium-res pics are much easier on the eyes. They're always perfectly lit and look pretty good. Some of them come in Zip folders, but some of them are missing half the pics seen online. The sets that don't feature Emily showcase other cuties, but in the same kind of action, meaning always stripping and posing.

The members' area consists of exactly three sections. One is for photos, one is for videos and one shows you where you can access other sites if you're willing to pay more for them, like Real Amateur Bunnies, Flexi Angels and Fetish Transformation.

The site's main appeal, besides its star's winning smile, perfect ass and playful personality, is that a membership is pretty cheap. However, it's four times as costly if you want the extra sites and I can't see anybody staying here for long without them. Emily 4 You is a pretty disappointing website.

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