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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Have you ever been sitting there doing a Sudoku puzzle and thinking to yourself how much more fun it would be if you had a hot chick watching you and stripping as you solved it? How about Chess? Are you tired of playing with the ugly daughter of your parents' best friends and wish she was a hottie that stripped when you won? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then welcome to U Play I Strip.

UPlayIStrip features 105 video games involving hot babes who either play against you or watch you play. There are five games available, including Strip Poker, Sexy Belote (Belote being a card game from France), Strip4 (a game that plays a lot like Connect Four), Sexy Chess and Sudoku.

The video game footage varies from average to good-looking depending on the game. The way you see opponents getting naked usually depends on how well you play against them. For example, the Strip Poker game is actually Strip Texas Hold'em, so each win has her shedding some clothes.

How it works is you browse the various games and check out the "available opponents" for each one. There's also a dropdown listing every single game with each model. Each game page lets you see a preview video and six photos of the babe. Then, using tickets you have purchased, you can add the game to your collection and download it to your computer.

You will then need to install a file that puts the game software on your hard drive and allows you to add more downloaded games to it in the future (in exchange for more tickets per game, obviously). For all you techno-jargon gamers out there, essentially you're downloading an emulator and a ROM the first time around and then each time you buy a game after that, it's just another ROM.

There are about 70 European models among all the games and several of them can be played with in multiple games. The dropdown lists all the games in order of alphabetical order of the model's name, so this will help narrow down your search for a specific babe. For example, "Vanessa (sudoku)" and "Vanessa (poker)" are the same babe. Since most of the babes only go by their first names, though, it isn't a perfect search method.

Playing the games is actually pretty fun and the footage does a good job of showing the babe reacting to what you are doing. Although, there are only so many pre-recorded expressions and movements, so it can get a little repetitive (like playing a sports video game and hearing the announcers make the same comments over and over again).

Each opponent costs two tickets to download and depending on what ticket package you get, tickets can range from $6.50 (2 tickets for $13) to $1.56 (80 tickets for $125). Although the cheaper-per-ticket packages are still very pricey, remember that you don't have to use up all your tickets in a certain time frame, so it's actually a bit better than it seems.

The artificial intelligence of the games is pretty good, so don't expect to get the babes naked without putting in a little effort. Also, everything is sexy but softcore, so while they do get naked, a victory won't get her bent over with her fingers up her pussy.

You don't get any extras, but you can buy DVD-Roms of certain games now and then. They're treated as an ongoing series of game collections and you're allowed to purchase the newest collection in that series. Right now, Strip Poker volume 18 is available to purchase and it has four models you can play against. It's unclear how often updates occur, but comparing current totals to the last time we checked out the site gets us an average of roughly once a month.

U Play I Strip is definitely different than most sites I have looked at recently and what they do, they do well. So, if the idea of playing games against hot chicks with a victory equaling softcore nudity appeals to you, then this is definitely a site to check out.

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