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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Most porn, as well as most male's lives, is based on the idea of trying to get chicks to take their pants off. Jeans Very Tight has decided to switch it up and focus on hot babes putting their pants on.

It's kind of like someone took a softcore non-nude porn scene and put it in reverse. Instead of starting off in a pair of tight jeans and removing them over the course of the scene until they end in their panties, these JeansVeryTight babes start in their panties and work their way to the end of the scene by putting on these very tight jeans that really show off their hot asses.

How can it take a chick five minutes to put on a pair of jeans you ask? Well, these girls really take their time with it. They pull them up partway and then pose a bit and work them up a little more, really emphasizing their ass and the "tightness" of the jeans. Then, at the end of the scene, they spend a little time showing off their handiwork.

I have to say that I appreciated the content. It was definitely a change of pace from what I normally look at and for those into the whole non-nude/tease thing, these gals seem to enjoy knowing that you are watching.

There are currently 36 videos and 36 photo galleries. It isn't clear how often the site updates, but I can tell you that 26 movies and just as many picture sets have been added to it since April 2012. The vids can't be streamed, but they can be downloaded in three Windows Media formats, including two that offer HD playback. The pics are high-res and can be downloaded in Zip files.

While I wish I could tell you there are bonus sites, if I were to tell you that then I would also have to tell you that it was going to cost you more for your membership. Yup, while the membership for the one site alone is very cheap, the one that gets you access to the five other jean sites is a little pricey.

Jeans Very Tight is an inexpensive site that offers high-quality content. It isn't huge, but offers enough to make getting a membership worthwhile. You might not stick around indefinitely, but you'll have fun while you check out what it has to offer.

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