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A.K. Anderson

By: A.K. Anderson
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I'd heard of lipstick lesbians and butch lesbians and I have a friend who has two mommies –I guess those would be called MILF lesbians? But until now I hadn't heard of Jeans Lesbians.

So what are Levis-loving lesbians you ask? Well, picture two cute naked chicks caressing each other and lightly licking each other and rubbing their bodies all over each other while doing a lot of smiling and moaning. Now take that image and put a T-shirt and jeans on both babes. Those are JeansLesbians!

You know when a guy takes a girl home and she tells him that she isn't ready to have sex yet and he says that's okay, but still tries to get lucky by touching and dry humping her with her clothes on for like 702 minutes until his blue balls are chaffed? Well, that's what this action is like, but with two babes, a lot more smiling and without the blue balls.

While a horny dude trying to get in a chick's pants would be attacking her jeans-covered pubic area like a horny Buffalo, these chicks are more sexy and playful with each other in their movies and pictures as they enjoy their time together showing off their jeans-covered lady lumps.

There are currently 45 videos and 45 photo sets. None of the vids or pics are dated, so it's impossible to be sure of just how often the website is updating. Having said that, I can tell you that 30 flicks and just as many image galleries have been added to the collection since April 2012. 

While there isn't a massive amount of material offered, the  good news is that what is available looks fantastic. The photo sets can be downloaded in Zip files and the pics that they're comprised of are high-res. As for the movies, they come in three Windows Media formats, including a couple that allow you to enjoy HD playback. However, there isn't a streaming option and the videos all run for less than seven minutes.

This is the point when I would usually mention the bonus sites, but in this case you might not be getting any. This is because it all depends on which membership you get. If you go for the nice, cheap membership, you only get access to the pretty Parasuco-covered pussies here. Now, if you are willing to pay more, you can get access to all six sites that make up this jeans-centric network. The problem is that the price for a network-access membership is a liitle high.

Jeans Lesbians is focused on a niche that doesn't get a ton of love, so that is something those into this niche will appreciate. The high quality of the content is also appreciated. Given that the site had now grown to a decent size, you can feel good about giving it a look. Check it out and then come back here to try to find all the "jeans brand" references in this review.

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