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Updated on: 02/28/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Quick! Think of all the ways someone's jeans can get wet while they're wearing them. Caught in the rain! Good one. How about drank too much and can't get to a bathroom in time? Yup, that works. Knocking a drink into your lap? Yeah, we can all be klutzy sometimes. Oh, and I should add "while being completely sober." It may be the least likely scenario, but it is the one they go with on Jeans Get Wet.

Hot chicks in T-shirts and jeans (or, in a couple of cases, jean shorts) smile for the camera as they step into the bath or shower and show themselves off while we watch their JeansGetWet. Don't go in expecting any nudity, though. This site is all about the sweet and sexy teasing of cute chicks getting all wet. Sure, a couple of them did end their scene by pulling down their pants and showing off their hot asses, but only for a second.

There are currently 101 videos and 101 sets of high-res photos available. The best of the three versions for each video gives you Full HD playback. You can't stream the flicks, so downloading them is the only way to enjoy them, which is just fine for many users.

A great thing about the website is that it doesn't charge you too much for a standard membership, even after the price is converted into USD from Euros. There's a second membership option that costs quite a bit more, but if you're willing to pay extra, you can get access to five other sites that also feature lovely ladies in denim.

There is a blog for the entire network that's available in both English and German. You can filter by individual site and doing so reveals that this collection is updated about once every couple weeks. It's not the fastest schedule, but at this point you're starting out with a good amount of content.

Jeans Get Wet has an original concept and is different from much of what's out there. If you appreciate softcore porn and love the sight of wet jeans on a woman, you'll definitely like what's here.

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