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By: Adam Strong
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With so many hardcore, extreme-to-the-max sites out there, it's always refreshing when I come across a softcore one like Melina. There's just something to be said about a gorgeous gal who poses in various stages of undress. Now multiply that sweet sensation by 44 models and you get the reason why I'm reviewing this site.

Before going any further, I'd like to warn you that Melina doesn't offer everything it promises. It advertises HD videos on the tour page, but once you sign in, you'll see that this simply isn't the case. While there are three streaming-only movies, they're all under three minutes and look average regardless of the size you choose to view them in.

That said, it's a good photo site. All the picture content is simply stunning. I find that some softcore sites are a little too heavy in the artistic side of things, whereas here you'll find that perfect mid-point between art and porn. You wouldn't call it raunchy, but the way the babes pose and strip isn't about hidden meanings in the imagery, camera flares or shadow effects. It's all about showing you how hot these chicks are as they spread their legs, ass cheeks and pussy lips.

It's also about stripping out of their clothing and pressing their boobs together, as well as posing while still in various stages of undress. This goes for all 71 galleries. Eighty-four are advertised, but the really long sets are broken up into two parts. However, even after being divvied up, you average 91 pics per part.

All the pics can be saved in Zip folders or viewed online. You can choose from three different sizes for both options. Best of all, even the small ones are high-res, whereas the biggest sets are filled with extra high-res photos that were much bigger than my screen could handle. I practically saw some of the individual molecules that make up their faces! Despite being so huge, they're all crystal clear and perfectly lit.

You don't get any bonuses, but new content is added roughly every other day. When it's not, it's more frequent than that, so you normally end up with four new galleries every week. With that in mind, this is a decent site if you like softcore photos.

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  • Comment by: Volte

    Score: 77% Date: 08/26/2013

    I joined for a couple models, downloaded all their sets, took a quick look around at the rest, and never went back. The models are definitely unique to this site and represent countries from all over the world. Photos are sharp and range from tame to explicit softcore.
    I have no complaints about any aspect of the site except lack of content perhaps. I just didn't find much that really grabbed me. On closer look at my favorite model (from India, can't remember her name) on the site, I realized it wasn't love afterall. I deleted the zips 2 days later and moved on.