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Updated on: 08/06/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Since we last visited NudeAfrica...

  • The design and navigational issues we've complained about in the past remain, so adding up all the content continues to be nearly impossible. However, it would seem that at least a few hundred videos and photo sets have been added since March 2013.

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When it comes to Nude Africa, I'm not sure where to start, either with this review or the site itself. The people who run it have obviously spent very little time on design and navigation, so you should expect to be confused when you first sign in.

There's a free area and a members' area and it took a while browsing and reading the FAQ before I figured out what the difference was (basically the free area is for people posting non-sexually-explicit content). Notice that I said "for people posting"? This is important to note, because it acknowledges that NudeAfrica is a site made up of user-submitted content, which is why we consider it nonexclusive.

Given that there are tons of sections with text links, not only is the navigation a pain in the ass, but also counting the content is a slow, arduous task, so my numbers are estimates, but I did still spend considerable time making them as accurate as possible. I believe you'll find over 27,110 videos and more than 513,340 photo galleries, with new content being posted on a daily basis.

Although you're getting a hodgepodge of homemade content, the flicks are often good in quality. However, some offer great-quality playback and others are available in HD. The older archived ones are often average in quality or even less impressive. Also, you need to keep in mind that I'm referring to bit rates only.

Having sex while filming it isn't a skill many people have, so expect poor lighting, shaky cameras and/or bad angles more often than not. But you'll also appreciate that this is real amateur action sent in by members and not some faux-amateur porn. And speaking of those members, that is where this site gets most of its value from.

So what will you find among all that content? Well, I saw plenty of niches, from anal sex to blowjobs to creampies to facials, and given how much content there is, I don't doubt there is probably a little of everything going on here (again, the design and navigation aren't conducive to seeing everything the site has on offer).

Besides uploading their homemade videos and photos, users also comment a lot on people's content and there also appears to be a lot of hooking up going on, or at least trying to hook up. There's even a whole "in search of" section where members post pics and try to find people to meet up with and/or play with.

There's already a ton to see here, with more being added each day, so you probably won't ever see it all (partly because you won't be able to find it all). There are also links to extra videos, photos and feeds that are primarily focused on black guys and gals. The Nude Africa community is the real selling point here and if you want to be a part of it, it could be worth checking out.

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