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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Would you like to visit a porn set? If so, we can help you with that. There's no need to pack a suitcase, though, and there's certainly no need to hop on the next flight to California. All you need to do is sit down at your computer and visit a website called Behind Scenes.

The site gives you a rare glimpse at how porn is shot and you won't ever get access like this unless you work in the industry. Actually, I suppose you could sneak onto a porn set and see the same kinds of things, but why risk trespassing charges when you can just check out BehindScenes and avoid any legal troubles altogether?

There are 81 videos and each one lets you observe talented filmmakers and photographers in their natural element. It's really interesting to watch how they work and seeing how they interact with their models can be fascinating as well. The fact that the models are always drop-dead gorgeous also helps to make the movies captivating.

The vids can all be streamed in an embedded Flash player, which is great if you just want to watch them on the site. If you're interested in downloading them, you can do that with good to great-quality Windows Media files and high-def MP4s.

Something I appreciate about the videos is that they take you to different kinds of porn sets. You can follow a model as she gets up around dawn to shoot nude photos in a public park and then act as a fly on the wall as raunchy lesbian and hardcore scenes are filmed. You can also watch solo scenes and get a look at how erotic photos are staged and shot.

Speaking of photos, there's one set of pictures that's comprised of a mix of low, medium and high-res pics that were taken during the filming of a few of the behind-the-scenes videos. All of them are incredibly artistic and glossy. Watch the movies and then take a look at the photos, so that you can really appreciate the time and effort that goes into producing the high-quality porn that you masturbate to.

Where things start to look less glossy is in regards to the design. The members' area is one big page that looks like something thrown together during the Geocities era of the Internet (meaning that it's really amateur). You can only scroll from top to bottom in order of most recent scene, which consists of nothing but a thumbnail and download links. Somewhere in the middle of that video-dump is the photo set, but it is clearly marked.

The updates schedule is less than thrilling right now, as they haven't added anything new since November 2012 and there aren't any extras. Still, those interested in taking a peek behind the pornographic curtain will really appreciate what Behind Scenes offers.

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