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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Some babes are sweet and innocent when in public only to transform into total minxes once you get them in the bedroom. You'll get the impression that Mobile GF Katie is one of those babes, but thanks to her site being designed for your portable devices, you can still watch her being naughty while in public, too!

The content is varied, with the emphasis primarily on posing and stripping, especially among the picture galleries. There's also a scene in which she treats herself to a cool snack, only instead of eating the ice cream, she takes her clothes off and rubs it all over her belly and tits. Her way to share intimate knowledge about herself includes demonstrating her handjob and blowjob skills on a fat dildo.

There are 13 movies. Some come in two or three parts, but most are full-length vids running about 11 minutes. All of the movies look great on your mobile screens. Some are filmed with better lighting than others, but you'll never have any problems seeing what's going on.

You also get 20 picture galleries. The pics are crystal clear, but the default setting has them take up only the top left of the screen. I strongly recommend zooming in on them until they fit the screen, as they look great when you do so. Enlarge them any more than that and they begin looking grainy. Each set has a good amount of pictures in it, too.

At the moment, navigation isn't too big of a deal, but the way things are set up, it will be a pain to browse all the content once the numbers go up a bit. The entire members' area is nothing but a series of intermixed vids and photo galleries, along with preview images and titles to go with each. You have to scroll to the bottom and click on "older entries" over and over, as there's no pagination.

The bottom of every page has the words "my friends" on it, but this is just random text and not a link to bonus sites. You actually don't get any extra content at all. Meanwhile, it's impossible to figure out how often new content is added to the site, as none of the material is dated. We'll give them benefit of the doubt and assume weekly.

Katie is an adorable spitfire who will rock your world. However, Mobile GF Katie just doesn't give you enough of her to keep you feeling rocked for very long. Given the low cost of membership, it might be worth checking out for about a month, though.

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