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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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As soon as you sign in to Mobile GF Austin, you'll shout "Yee-haw!" over how sexy this naughty cowgirl is. But just like when you're watching a drunken babe riding a mechanical bull, it's not long before your cowgirl fantasies come to an end.

This is because MobileGFAustin doesn't have a lot of content. It may seem like it's got a decent amount, but that's because the movies are split up into several parts that are scattered across several pages. On top of this, each clip is very short. Add them all together and you're still only looking at about 10 minutes of footage per scene.

In actuality, there are only five movies. The good news is that if you're a fan of teasing and WAM, then they're all incredibly hot. And while I wouldn't call them lesbian scenes, the vid that shows her getting covered in cream cheese and whipped cream has a couple of other busty babes. She also shares a beer with another hottie, which also leads to them getting naked at one point.

All of the movies look great on your mobile screens, but I would recommend making them full screen or else they tend to look too small. The 20 photo galleries give you more variety and it's where you'll see her posing topless in her favorite cowgirl hat, as well as sucking on a lollipop in a lovely green dress that she's quick to strip out of. Each set has a decent amount of good-looking pics.

Despite how each page on the site has the words "my friends," this isn't a link to any bonus sites. In fact, it's just random text and not a link at all. There's a blog linked to from the tour page, but you wouldn't really consider it a bonus since you don't need to be a member to access it and all that's offered are some of the pics already found in the members' area.

Speaking of which, there's not much of a design at all. The only section is the homepage, which has movie and picture galleries intermixed, separated only by titles and preview pics. Also, there's no pagination. Since all this already makes finding subsequent movie parts very problematic, I don't look forward to seeing what the site will look like once more content is added.

When that's going to happen, I couldn't tell you, as none of the scenes come with any dates. For now, we'll assume they update once a week. You'll like the WAM and stripteases offered by Mobile GF Austin, but you won't like how there's not a lot of either. The site is just too small to recommend right now.

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