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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I'll be frank and tell you that I have to review plenty of sites that aren't necessarily my cup of tea. Sure, they usually grow on me, because it is kind of like trying exotic food. Sometimes you acquire a taste for something that at first seemed strange. However, Maverick Men makes for a refreshing change. There's something much more relatable about these two studs who hook up with all kinds of guys and film it.

Yes, Cole and Hunter are the hotties behind MaverickMen and they've been a couple for 10+ years. I guess the couple that plays together stays together, although they do have one special rule: They only do what they do with other guys when it's on camera and you can't fault them for that, because after all that's how we all get to watch the threesome fun in 131 videos that look good for the most part. They can't be downloaded, so I can't be sure of their bit rates. I am sure that you don't get any pic sets, though.

I love these dudes, because even though they're real people, they're just so fucking hot. Hunter has gray hair, so he has a mature appeal. He's also got a bit more meat on his bones than Cole, but he's definitely got an incredible bod and that rod of his, man, it's so big and thick. Cole looks a tad younger with dark hair and eyes. Both guys have hairy chests, too.

They usually go for young jocks who are often the straight or bicurious kind. They even deflower some virgin male ass, although they do fuck other kinds of guys, like twinks who have probably been around the cock-related block. They also have a rather detailed explanation on their site regarding their stance on "safer sex" - mainly they prefer that everyone involved be tested, so they can forego the condoms. Sometimes they wear them, though.

Updates are about twice a month these days, although you will see always regular postings on their blog. They offer lots of fansigns and share news about their real-life travels, live events they're participating in and just fun personal stuff. You can save your favorite scenes, leave comments and also rate the content.

Like Hunter wants Cole to give up his occasional cigars as well as the beer and carb-rich foods that he indulges in more regularly. They're a real couple for sure! Maverick Men is definitely worth checking out, because this dynamic duo scores some of the finest, masculine jock ass. You should also be aware that instead of a monthly membership, you can also buy minutes and watch the videos that way.

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