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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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If you've ever found yourself aroused by watching a gal get hit with a pie in the face then I have a feeling you'll like what Sexy Slapstick Videos has to offer. It combines nudity and creamy pies. (No, like REAL pies made of cream!) I first thought this was a wet and messy fetish site, which it is in essence, but the only ways these chicks are getting messy is through pies, so it's more like a pie-fetish site.

This is a first for me. I have seen sites use pies in their material before, but SexySlapstickVideos means to use them in the actual slapstick humor fashion, as in a babe gets surprised with a pie in the face when she's not expecting it. Actually, only one scene worked out that way and the rest featured nude gals who were prepped for the messy pie play.

You're probably wondering how I know that only one video features this of slapstick scenario. Well, that's easy to answer as there are only four videos at the moment. And the even more surprising thing is that you're only able to stream them on the site in Flash. To make matters that much worse, the vids look pretty poor. There are no pics to be found.

The sound in the vids is muffled and it seems the background noise is amplified and the lighting could use some work. While three of the videos are gal-on-gal, there are two that give you some cock sucking after the babe has been blasted with pie and pie and pie. Aside from blowjobs, there is titty fondling and pussy lapping in the lesbian scenes.

The scene that does have a slapstick element features Kylie Samone (actually Kylie appears in all of the flicks). She is selling life insurance door-to-door and just as she starts her sales pitch, she gets nailed with a pie that comes from off camera. I have to admit that had me giggling. The scene goes on to have her "pied" several more times and she gets naked, masturbates with a dildo, sucks cock and then showers and gets ready to do it all over again. What a trooper!

The site advertises its update schedule as once every week or two, which doesn't sound too bad. But here's the kicker: They only have a five-day membership option. This means that you may not get anything new in the five short days that you're a member! There are quite a few things that Sexy Slapstick Videos could improve upon, but I'd hold off joining until this site has a little more filling.

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