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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Tylers Room is a website owned by a cute country boy. He lives about 100 miles from Ottawa (Canada's capital) and he's had quite an eventful life these last few years, because besides being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in 2009, he also broke his back in August 2010. He seems to be in great shape and spirits, though.

I appreciate knowing those kinds of details about a webmaster, because it makes a site like TylersRoom feel more personal. Tyler used to broadcast from a webcam in his house when he started out and you can actually see 53 videos, as well as pics and some vid caps from that period. However, he's expanded his collection to include a mix of exclusive and nonexclusive content, as well as loads of links to live cams and third-party video feeds.

You will find around 1,850 videos now (counting the above-mentioned webcam flicks) and a lot of them offer good-quality playback, but the exclusive ones are often better in quality and many come in Full HD formats. You can stream all the vids too and many come with files that work well with mobile devices.

When you're enjoying the exclusive vids, you're more likely to see solo action than hardcore action. It's the opposite when it comes to the nonexclusive ones. I found a very limited number of nonexclusive flicks that had guys jerking off (or, in at least one case, self-sucking their dick). Otherwise, we're talking loads of nasty blowjobs and sex, including bareback, group and gangbangs.

You can also check out about 1,750 sets of pictures. Many of them come with high-res pics and a good percentage of them can be downloaded in Zip files. Expect new photos to appear in the "originals" section. A new video gets added to it every two weeks and the vids always come with a set of pictures.

The website's design leaves a bit to be desired and it does have some other problems, like a lack of pagination, which makes navigation a little annoying. But in the end the good outweighs the bad when you take everything into consideration. I continue to highly recommend Tylers Room, mostly because of its content, but also because its star is such a hunky Canadian.


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