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Chris Parker

By: Chris Parker
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Can you guess what you'll find on Stocking Videos? If you guessed men following women around and getting slapped with restraining orders, I'm afraid that you're confusing "stocking" with "stalking." Now, if you guessed that you get flicks featuring lovely ladies in stockings, then you were right on the money.

StockingVideos brings you about 556 exclusive videos and I say "about" because some of the older ones are divided into parts and I might have missed a few when I was doing my count. You'll see guy/girl encounters, lesbian setups, sizzling solo action and British beauties. Some flicks are hardcore and some are softcore, but the one thing that's the same in all of them is that there are stockings being worn.

The videos can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded in Windows Media files. A couple versions are available and going with the "high" one will allow you to enjoy some Full HD goodness often enough. High-def MP4 and 3GP downloads are sometimes available as well, but more often than not, these formats only offer good-quality playback.

There aren't any photos, but that's not so bad because there are more than enough movies to keep busy with. Plus, each film comes with vid caps. They run for about 10 minutes each, so even if you watched them all in one sitting and never took a break, it would still take you a few days to get through them all.

You'll discover an interface with lots of features. You can rate the scenes, leave comments and save them as favorites. You can also sort the vids by everyone's combined ratings, by date or alphabetically. You will find keyword tags and an advanced search too.

The website gives you new hot hosiery porn three or more times a week. There are other sites that you can check out between updates, but you can only access them if you opt for the more expensive membership when you first sign up. However, what is included is access to the mobile version.

With a lot of movies, Stocking Videos gives you plenty of reasons to join. If you're someone who loves stockings, you're sure to find a few flicks here that'll have you smiling from ear to ear.


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