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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I'm not always into going to parties. I'm not exactly a wallflower, but it's more that I really deplore small talk. Then again, most soirees that I would attend don't turn into orgies like on Crazy Party Boys. If they did, maybe I wouldn't mind wasting time talking about the weather, or whether I prefer the hummus with pita triangles to the spinach dip.

There are only 21 videos currently on the site. This is even more disappointing given that the collection hasn't grown much since July 2013. In fact, only two videos have been added since then and they were posted this month. At least they give you good-quality playback when downloading the "MP4 HQ" files. You can also save them in a slightly less impressive MP4 format (that you can stream via an embedded Flowplayer as well) and in a smaller one meant for mobile devices.

You get 12 photo sets as well and they all date from 2013. They all have a button that suggests you can save them in Zip folders, but attempting to download them just takes you to a broken page. That's a shame, because each set is comprised of a large number of high-res pics.

I have checked out some other sites from the same sponsor (including the likes of Boys Pee Pee and Red Ass Twinks, all included as bonuses) and have appreciated the hot Eastern European boys they feature. However, this collection provides a tad more diversity, because not everyone is of the same ethnicity or within the same age range.

Even if most of the models are young, smooth-skinned and white, I saw a couple mature studs, one black guy and a very handsome Asian dude. Oh and also I spied a couple torsos with at least a light dusting of chest hair and fuzzy tummies. You'll definitely feel like your sweet tooth is getting its fix of eye candy here, because every scene has five or six horny studs.

On a side note, I get a bit of a chuckle out of the written scene descriptions, like "Do you know how to leave 5 friends without any clothes on?" and "Hurry up, throw away all clothes! Lets nude bodies merge in ecstasy!" It's like reading a fortune cookie or maybe a very special haiku. Less amusing for me to say, though: Crazy Party Boys delivers on quality, but it still comes up short on quantity.

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