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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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What would you think if you went over to a friend's house and he had an inflatable wading pool in his living room? Keep in mind that there's no water in it, but he's just hanging out there (possibly with a couple of his buddies), waiting for you to show up to take the proverbial plunge.

Would you ask him, "Dude, where's your couch at?" Or would you simply hop in for blowjobs, anal sex and golden showers, no questions asked? On Boys Pee Pee you'll see guys who take the dive.

It makes sense, because the only thing that might be holding someone back from jumping in cockhead first would be whether or not his pals were as hot as the young hunks on BoysPeePee are. Personally, if blowing up a small swimming pool and using it to replace my sofa is going to score me equally sexy twink ass then pardon me please while I pucker up. If you blow it, they will cum.

You'll find 13 videos on the website and they give you high-def playback when downloaded in the "MP4 HQ" format. You can also stream the flicks in an embedded player. In the photo section, you'll find six sets of high-res pics that can be viewed in slideshows. You're supposed to be able to download them in Zip files as well, but the downloads don't work. You'll see couples going at it and some wild and wet threesomes.

I kind of have a phobia about public restrooms, so it might seem odd how much this site turns me on. In fact, it just might cure me of my irrational fears, although normally you don't see naked boys peeing on each other in the men's room. Just seeing these slim hotties getting naughty sucking dick and bareback fucking while glistening in piss makes me want to throw caution to the wind and rush to the nearest urinal.

The site was stuck at the same size for a while, but it looks like it may have just started updating again, as two videos were recently added to the collection. It'll be great it the site is updating weekly like it appears to be, because it could sure use some more material.

 On a happier note, there are four bonus sites whereas before there were none and these include Red Ass Twinks and Cum To My Ass. That is definitely a plus, but with the size of the main collection being what it is Boys Pee Pee just isn't a website I can recommend.

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