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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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According to Masha of Mashas Nylons, there isn't much to do up north in frozen Siberia but get drunk and fuck around. So one day she and her horny friends decided to open their own site where people could come and watch their wild parties. While that sounds pretty hot, it gives a much better impression of the site than what you actually get once inside. Which first comes down to the fact that the site isn't really its own site, but instead it is more of a section within the large XXX Raider Pass site.

Putting that aside, there are other issues I have with MashasNylons besides the XXXRaiderPass thing. And the main one is the fact that the whole site/section consists of 12 medium-res photo sets. Yup, that is it! There are no videos. And only three of the sets involve another chick and the most hardcore they get is some boob touching and kissing. I guess Siberia's idea of partying and fucking around is a little different then mine (as is their idea of a good site it would seem). Some of the sets feature full nudity and pussy shots, while other scenes have the stockings kept on throughout.

After spending a good 30 seconds to a minute on Mashas Nylons you are going to be ready to check out the rest of the network that you are on. Given that you were probably first intrigued by the site because of the word "nylon" in the URL, you will be happy to know that of the over 20 other sites/sections within the network, there are others focused on stockings/lingerie. There are also MILFs, tattooed babes and amateurs, with overlap among them all. While the entire network has some good to be found, Masha's section is definitely not worth your time!

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