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Alexxxya is a Romanian girl who comes from a big family of smokers. She's been puffing away on cigarettes since the age of 13 and now that she's 20, she smokes over 40 cigarettes a day. Given what a pack of smokes will run you these days, you've got to think her habit is getting pretty expensive. Perhaps that's why she's letting you pay to watch her puff away on her very own website.

Before I go any further, I feel I need to mention that Alexxxya looks eerily like a combination of two of my former girlfriends. It's really as if the two babes amalgamated to become one beautiful being with big boobs and a constant need for nicotine. With that in mind, I'll just say that if you've got a smoking fetish and an interest in nice tits, this chick is definitely for you.

There are 161 videos to enjoy at this point and every one can be downloaded as a Windows Media file. Whether it's old movies or new ones, they all offer stellar-quality playback. The more recent ones are a little more impressive, but none of them disappoint.

The one thing that's a bit of a letdown when it comes to the vids is that they're all pretty similar. They all seem to have the site's star sitting around and smoking while the camera films her from a stationary position. She doesn't interact with the viewer too much and she doesn't speak. Another thing worth noting is that even though she's got "xxx" in her name, our stunning smoker never gets too naughty. She might let you see her in a bra, but you certainly won't see her smoking pole.

There are 18 sets of pictures to go along with the vids and they can all be downloaded in handy Zip files. Actually, you have no choice but to save the flicks in Zip files because there's no other way to see the high-res images.

It seems that you can expect to get new movies at least once a week, but it's been months since the last batch of photos were added. As far as extras go, there's a blog and it looks as though that you can chat directly with the site's sexy smoker herself.

With high-quality content and a great look, Alexxxya is a smoker that you might get addicted to visiting. It's a bit of a drag that her videos aren't more varied and that we haven't gotten new pics from her in a while, but the good definitely outweighs the bad on her site.

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