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Updated on: 03/29/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • You'll find more bisexual scenes - the gay site still isn't updating.

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When is a mega-site not a mega-site? That's a question we've been pondering here at Rabbits since coming upon the site Tainler. You see, the premise is that it's an all-in-one entertainment location where members can browse an array of sites, post things on their profile and chat with other members about what they enjoy masturbating to the most.

It all sounds great in theory, but it falls a tad short in its execution. When I think of the term mega-site, I normally imagine access to multiple sites. Tainler isn't that kind of membership, though, because it simply allows you to visit two sites. Moreover, the audience for the gay site, Guys Go Crazy, isn't necessarily the same as the one for the bisexual site, Bi Maxx. That said, I kind of like the mix.

You'll find 301 videos and they come in an MP4 format that often allows you to enjoy the action in Full HD. You can also download other MP4s for mobile devices and stream the scenes in an embedded player. There are also 301 photo sets. Some scenes are broken up into parts, but overall I'd say that you get 268 bi scenes and 33 gay ones.

The all-male scenes are pulled from a video series that features strapping 18 to 23-year-olds with cute faces and sweet cocks getting their party on, eventually giving way to intense group sex that dabbles in watersports. There are also a variety of settings and themes for these encounters. For example, you'll see seamen onboard their vessel as well as shipwrecked sailors. There are dudes on a construction site with their hard hats on. Plus, the production values are very high when it comes to the props and backdrops.

The bi shoots aren't simply limited to the typical MMF threesomes that you see on a lot of sites. No, you'll find far more exciting encounters involving a mixed crowd of men and women in near-epic orgies. I saw an anal daisy chain where a dude whose dick is sticking in a chick has his ass fucked by another guy whose butt is filled by another cock belonging to yet another stud who also has a pole crammed into his hole. I like how the European performers are into swinging both ways rather than merely faking it all for the pay.

The gay site hasn't been updated in a long time, but the bisexual collection continues to grow. Unfortunately, it only updates about once a month. You can save a particularly hot scene to a favorites section and also rate them, use keyword tags, and you get some sorting options.

Tainler seems like a worthwhile deal for anybody who can appreciate some man-on-man sex mixed with bisex. For those of you who are content with just streaming videos, Streamaxx offers all the same content at a lower cost (the catch being that you can't download any of the videos).

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