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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I definitely did some crazy stuff in university, like sucking off my straight dorm neighbor several times after he'd had a bit too many recreational libations. Luckily, back then no one really used the Internet, so there's no footage of me or my experimental pal floating around. These days, with sites like Dick Dorm Mobile, a young man's sexploits are accessible from anywhere.

And let me tell you that things get quite out of hand on DickDormMobile. Actually, maybe it's more accurate to say that things end up in hands, mouths and even asses. Boys will be boys and, like I learned, even horny straight dudes will try anything once (or three, even four, times if my memory serves me right) after getting socially lubricated. I find that's especially true if his girlfriend attends a different school.

You'll find 41 episodes and each has a good-looking video. Sometimes the action will be a bit blurry, but that's partly because these scenes are made to look as if they're made by the amateurs appearing in them. I should also mention that you have a choice between MP4s or 3GPs. Nothing is dated, but the collection hasn't grown since we last checked it out back in February 2013.

All kinds of things go down in the vids, although they usually show partying and frat-boy pranks in addition to hardcore sex. Personally, I fast-forward through most of the silly stuff to get to what I consider the good parts. There are handjobs, blowjobs and anal, including interracial, bareback and group sex. Sometimes you'll feel ready to pass out by the sheer amount of stimulation. Even the camera doesn't always know where to focus with so much fornication going on.

You can also check out pics, but they're sort of a mixed bag. They look to be large galleries of 400+ images per set, but most of those are just vid caps. In reality, there are small photo sets of roughly 15 images intermixed with the screen grabs that appear to have been taken with a cameraphone. Some shots are nice and crisp, though, so I bet those were taken with proper equipment and a decent flash to light up the sometimes dimly lit dorm rooms.

This collection isn't the largest and won't take too long to get through, although the vids do run anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Just remember, though, that part of each scene is all about showing you the nonsexual horseplay. Still, I'd consider joining Dick Dorm Mobile.

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