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Updated on: 03/16/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Just the other day I was talking to a friend who knows what I do for a living and who sometimes asks me to recommend different sites. Well, this time he was asking me if I knew of any that had gloryhole content with fake penises that shot huge loads of fake cum all over clothed or semi-nude chicks. At the time I had nothing to tell him, but next time I see him I can tell him to check out Slime Wave.

Okay, to be honest, my friend never asked me about such a site. I mean, who would have even thought of such a site? Well, the people behind SlimeWave thought of it and made it a reality. The scenes take place in a variety of settings, though a number of them were filmed on a bathroom set.

For some reason it's a female bathroom with urinals on the wall. Not to mention a hole in the wall with a fake cock sticking through. The chicks walk in and within a few moments they notice the "cock." They all seem quite intrigued and for some reason feel the need to stroke and suck it.

After stroking and sucking, the gorgeous Eastern European babes are surprised by what seems like a never-ending stream of thick, fake cum that covers them. They like it and go for more, so that by the time they're done filming, they look like they took a custard shower.

The scenes often feature two or three performers - along with the large loads of fake cum, of course. Sometimes there are two gals lapping at the dick in the hole, other times a dude is fucking the chick while she gets glazed and many others have lesbian strapon sex.

A membership gets you 229 videos and each can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded as MP4s, the highest of which is a gorgeous Full HD format. You'll also find 229 sets of high-res pics and updates continue to be weekly.

There are also live shows to take in. You can find a schedule for the next one in the "live" area of the site. They cost extra, but you can check out more than 200 archived shows. You can also read a blog and check out the "community," adding friends and posting to their walls.

The amount of content continues to grow and there's already a decent amount of porn to keep busy with. With a unique (albeit slightly comical) high-quality collection, Slime Wave will get you going with its gloryhole WAM porn. It's definitely worth joining.


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  • Comment by: Pluis

    Score: 75% Date: 03/26/2013

    Coming from he Tainster house, this is again good quality porn with glamorous supermodels in hardcore scenes. The (eastern european) girls look absolutely amazing and the content is absolutely unique. SlimeWave started with some scenes from Stacy Silver in the MyFetish section of Tainster. The slime scenes are hot but in the end they become too messy to be sexy at all. Please bring back myFetish and focus more on the glamorous lingerie and less on the slime.