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Updated on: 09/18/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • Over 120 videos and photo sets have been added to the colection.
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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner

As much as I'm in the mood right now to listen to "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go," All WAM is a site focused on gorgeous chicks getting wet and messy and not the music of an '80s pop band. (Sorry about that. I know it was an obvious joke.)

AllWAM, or All Wet And Messy, is exactly that. Although sometimes it's just the wet without the messy. While most scenes have the girls covered in various substances, from food to mud to blue goo, other scenes just go for wet and have the babes fully clothed in pools, showers or soaping up the car.

I didn't understand what these Eastern European hotties were saying (there aren't any English subtitles), but I can tell you that when it comes to WAM action, they don't hold back! These chicks get absolutely covered in whatever they're playing with - or in.

One hot scene has a girl slathering another with egg yolks. The update before that was a full-out mud-wrestling match. While there's obviously some nudity that goes along with all the action, it's secondary to the fetish and there isn't any sex. The flicks star at least two wammers, but they can include up to four and those are just incredible!

Speaking of updates, they're still adding new content weekly and you'll already find 658 videos and 658 photo galleries. The high-res pics look good and can be downloaded in Zip files, while the movies can be streamed on the site and often downloaded as Full HD MP4s. Each download comes with a few options, as well as one for mobile devices.

Despite being part of the Tainster network, you don't get access to any of the other sites unless you're willing to pay a bit more for a membership. However, you can check out live cam links, some archived performances and bonus flicks/DVDs if you with a standard membership.

With so many scenes in high-quality formats that do this niche proud, All WAM is easy to recommend. The website won our 2013 RISE Award for Best Wet and Messy site, so fans of the fetish should not hesitate to sign on up.

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  • Comment by: danny101

    Score: 55% Date: 03/26/2015

    Great site but i think it's far too slow!