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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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I once had a girlfriend betray me and I can assure you that I was absolutely livid about it. Part of me wanted to Hulk out and smash things, but instead I kept it cool, shoved my dick down her throat and then fucked her so hard that she couldn't walk. After that I dumped her on the spot and threw her out of my apartment without even giving her a chance to freshen up. If you enjoyed reading this little anecdote, you'll probably enjoy the scenes on Rage Story.

The website is all about men getting back at women who have done them wrong. In each case, the guys get their revenge by fucking the hell out of the girls. The babes on RageStory all seem to know that they deserve what they're getting and some of them seem to really enjoy the rough sex. So I can't help but wonder if some of them are doing their best to enrage their men just so they can get their pussies pounded.

The scenes are scripted, filled with hardcore fucking and it's really quite hot. That said, I do have some problems with the vids. The main issue is that there are only 11 movies in total. The other problem is that the flicks aren't in English and there are no subtitles. Thankfully, there are scene descriptions for each and they make it a lot easier to understand what's going on.

Though you might not understand everything being said, it's still easy to enjoy them. You can stream them right on the site in an embedded Flash player and you can download them in several formats, the best of which is a Windows Media one that brings you mouthwatering Full HD footage.

There are 11 sets of pictures to go along with the movies and they're comprised of gorgeous high-res images that you can download in Zip files. The photos pretty much repeat what's shown in the videos, but they're definitely worth a look.

Two additional sites (Meet My Sweet and My Bros GF) feature more debauchery and scandalous sex and there are also bonus movies, which is great news because it looks like the website will only be updating once a month going forward and its overall value is greatly diminished by its small amount of content and update schedule.

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