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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Personally, I've always preferred brunettes to blondes and if you take a look at the sultry Autumn Riley you'll soon discover why. Born in November 1992, this petite teen exhibits pure feminine perfection. Unlike other young girls, her nubile bod isn't devoid of curves. This Canadian from British Columbia is gorgeous from head to toe and even if she knows it, she still looks sweet as pie.

The official AutumnRiley site is mighty tiny. She's usually updating her collection twice a week, although new additions don't always fall on the same two days of each week. That may change to a more standardized schedule in the future, but either way, I'm content that this small but exclusive collection should grow at a decent rate.

However, with only nine Full HD videos, you'll definitely be hungry for more - and not just because of the limited number and their short lengths, but also because Autumn is gorgeous. In my opinion, she's achingly beautiful, although personally, I'm not sure if it's heartache or blue balls.

Case in point, my favorite video is called "Purple Room" and it is painfully hot. The room's neutral wall color is contrasted by the bed's headboard and linens in purplish hues. But you won't be concentrating on decorating ideas. After all, Autumn models a purple bra and black lace panties. She also sports dark-rimmed glasses. She then strips to masturbate in rather short order, so you can imagine why décor was the last thing on my mind. I did almost repaint my monitor white, though.

You'll find 12 sets of high-res pics that let you see every inch of her feminine perfection in crisp detail. My favorite spread also involves a purple bra, but this time it is worn by an unnamed girlfriend of hers. There isn't any lesbian action, but just seeing these two hotties looking naughty and exchanging a nice kiss had my imagination racing.

Extras include eight candid pics. Apparently, her "friends" section is going to be converted into a bio, which is fine, because right now it's empty. She hasn't written in her blog for over a month and the posts are normally more about site news than personal info. Still, you will find a contact form to interact with her via email. The Autumn Riley site is as small as its pint-sized star, so it has to grow before it's worth the asking price.

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