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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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I went to an all-girls school and when we were naughty we were given detention where we had to sit with our hands folded, one foot in the instep of the other, eyes straight ahead and watch the clock for an hour. We used to lament how boring it was and wished we would be allowed to do something that would pass the time. If I were given the choice, however, to stare at a clock or go through what these disobedient gals go through on Schoolgirl Sex Punishment, I'm cool with the clock.

The naughty students on SchoolgirlSexPunishment are in great need of some behavioral modification. The techniques used are far more harsh than just a detention. These uniformed chicks are chained, hogtied, gagged, spanked, made to suck cock, covered in wax and even given enemas. Sometimes it's the Headmaster doling out the punishment or a female aide, and in one case a gal comes home after a punishment session and gets another round from her angry mom.

I have to say that the design isn't the best I've ever seen, but navigation is alright. There is a models' page where you can check out the performers and there are links to her specific content and you can sort the material by movie or by video/photo update.

There are 32 videos, but you only seem to be able to view them in clips and one part is added at a time. The number of videos is listed at the top of the video section, but some of the scenes only have pics. Each video has a description of how the girl came to be in trouble and there is a list of erotic elements in the clip, like caning, handcuffs, hair type and nipple clamps. The clips are available in Windows Media format and the playback is good.

One schoolgirl named Penny is about to get expelled for disrupting the class and cursing, so she gets sent to the Headmaster. She says she is sorry, but that just isn't enough to appease her punisher. The scene starts off with a little spanking and then she gets gagged with her pink panties and gets a thorough cleansing by way of an enema.

If you were to count every single set of photos, you would get about 60 galleries. However, there actually only 14 different photo sets. This is because just as there are several clips that make up one movie, there are also photo sets for each clip. You can save them in Zip files and a few of the sets have high-res images. The update schedule is pretty consistent and it looks like you'll get something new about every week or so.

There is definitely an amateur feel to the porn on Schoolgirl Sex Punishment, but they're giving you something a little different than just tapping the gal on the bottom and making her get naked. If watching girls in uniform get punished for naughtiness is your thing, you'll like the content here.

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  • Comment by: prettywoman

    Score: 50% Date: 02/05/2012

    There are 10 or so videos on the net where I am the spanker, so I like to look at other sites now and again, to get ideas about how to do things and, more important, how not to do things. The best thing about Schoolgirl Sex Punishment is that the girls really do look young, not mutton dressed as lamb. Most are beautiful, and "Irina" in numbers 113 and 114 is the most erotic in everything she says and does. She alone is worth the sub. The worst thing is the so-called Wizard of Ass - just compare 113 (with him) and 114 (without). He has (for me) an irritating voice and manner. He says what he is going to do, then what he is doing, then what he has done. Also he spends ages on the BDSM mechanics and is, to sum up, no actor. If you like spanking and anal insertions and can ignore most of the other things, go ahead!