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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Cum Bang Mobile is a fairly harmless name for a site that has been called controversial by some. I mean what could be so cutting edge about a collection of scenes showing a chick blowing multiple dicks? If the girl happens to be black and all the dudes are white, this isn't the Southern U.S. circa 1954. While times have changed and interracial couplings are no longer considered shocking or unnatural, the good ol' boys in these flicks wear Confederate flag T-shirts.

Now, y'all don't freak out now ya hear! The ebony babes on CumBangMobile are very much willing participants. It's actually all part of each chick's plan for revenge outlined on the join page: "Sista's had enough of her man's shit. It's time for the white boys club!" Sucking off a bunch of white dudes in what could be considered racist attire is sure to get a brotha's ire up and teach him a lesson.

Now I'm not entirely clear on what lesson he'll learn, but it's normally implied that he's been unfaithful with some piece of white trash. Seeing his girlfriend do the same thing wouldn't be as effective if she chose white pussy, so I guess redneck schlong delivers more of a blow. You could always take some kind of survey with the 67 videos that look average on a small screen. There are also 67 photo sets.

I won't guarantee that you won't offend someone. So you might be wiser to save watching these for those special alone moments away from home. Like say when you take a washroom break at the office. Maybe, you're tired of playing Angry Birds, so it's quite entertaining to see these angry black birds sucking off a circle of horny white pigs.

You can also check out 19 other sites (two are gay though) on your portable device. Some examples include Watching My Daughter Go Black Mobile, Katie Thomas Mobile, Zebra Girls Mobile, Wife Writing Mobile and Watching My Mom Go Black Mobile. They are all part of the Dogfart Network and more often than not you'll see black schlongs and white chicks in the additional sites, so that may or not be what you're looking for.

Updates are up to seven weeks apart, so you need a good deal of patience to wait that long. Still, Cum Bang Mobile seems to have enough content to make it worth checking out for a month (although the price tag is a little higher than we would like to see), for its crazy premise and hot Nubian pornstars. And with all the interracial bonus sites you might end up sticking around even longer.

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