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Wayne King 

By: Wayne King
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I've always had a thing for hostesses, stewardesses and secretaries, but I never understood what the connection was. Then I was assigned to review Blouses For Sex and it all made sense - they all wear blouses! The design of the website didn't blow me away and could really stand to be improved, but I was still very excited to give this site a look.

BlousesForSex features women in a variety of blouses, be they satin or silk, business or casual. The 125 videos appear to be split between strip/masturbation shows and blowjob scenes. There are also a couple of scenes that feature a guy or the hottie in the blouse tied up and blindfolded, but it's a rarity.

The "video" section shows you just the vids from the current calendar month. Anything older than that is moved into the video archive. Archives can sometimes be a mess of movies, but this one is well organized and categorizes them by the month and year they were added to the site. The same goes for the photos.

You are given the option between two types of Windows Media files, with the best one giving you only average-quality playback. While the videos are nice, they can be really short. There are many that are under two minutes and the productions are pretty basic. There isn't a soundtrack and the performers are mostly silent, leaving the sound of a camera flash as the only thing you hear.

Among the 1,140 photo sets, you'll find that for every gallery that features a little sex or nudity, there are 15 that feature softcore teasing with the models remaining fully dressed. Some of the galleries can be a little on the small side. While most contain 50 medium to high-res images, it's not uncommon to find a set comprised of a mere 12 pics. Zip files are available and you're even given the option of building your own Zip file. It makes saving your favorites very simple.

It seems that you can count on getting four new photo galleries each week, but you'll only get a new complete movie twice per month. All told, Blouses For Sex provides fun content that stays true to its niche, though it would be nice if the videos were better in quality, longer and added more frequently.

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