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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Porn has always been considered low art compared to the great works of high art by the likes of Michelangelo, for example. (And not just because he did some of his most famous work on the ceiling. Get it? Ceiling = high.) So I guess calling a porn site Low Art Films makes sense. However, I did notice a bit of irony in the name.

While there is plenty of poorly filmed down-and-dirty gonzo porn out there, as well as poorly acted and produced material, the movies on LowArtFilms are actually of a high caliber. The performers are gorgeous, the camerawork and lighting is artistic and overall this is porn of the "high art" variety (which leads to the irony of the URL). This artistic site has a great mix of hardcore and lesbian content.

While the website was a little small when we first looked at it, it has grown to a decent size since then. At this point there are 82 videos and 75 photo sets. The pics look really good and the videos can almost all be downloaded as HD MP4s. You can also save them as Windows Media files and stream them through an embedded player.

This site is part of the Fame Digital network and your membership enables you to check out everything it has to offer, which means you can explore nearly 30 additional websites, including My Teen Oasis and POV Blowjobs. All the sites have a bunch of handy features, like saving your favorites and using keyword tags.

The website was updating weekly at one point, but now it has stopped altogether. In fact, the collection is dated and we haven't gotten anything new since January 2012. That's not something you want from a porn site, so let's hope that it gets back to providing us with high-quality films sooner rather than later.

Even though it hasn't updated in a long time, Low Art Films remains a website that you can feel good about joining. With movies that are hot, hardcore and presented in HD, there is enough main content to make the site worth considering. Throw in all the bonus sites and you have plenty more to see!

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