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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Some people like dramas and others like comedies, but if you ask me, the best movies are Boobie Movies. There's nothing as thrilling or enjoyable as a nice pair of breasts and we're about to dive into a site that's got a whole lot of tantalizing titties to offer.

Any website that promises "floppy funbag fun" is sure to pique my interest and it just so happens that that's exactly what BoobieMovies advertises on its tour page. Sure enough, that's exactly what it delivers as well. The chicks all have lovely breasts and they're more than happy to share them with the rest of us. The boobs aren't always enormous, but they never fail to titillate.

There are 194 movies to check out and they run for a little less than 10 minutes on average. The flicks are all solo, softcore affairs that have the models exposing their breasts and making them bounce about for our enjoyment. Some of the women do little more than caress their tits and jump up and down, but others put more effort into their performances.

Maggie Green is one of the chicks who tries a little harder than the rest. You can see her playing with a hula hoop and skipping rope all while topless. She also wraps rope around her big boobs and plays with balloons. You'll be pleased to know that the movies can usually be downloaded in a couple of Windows Media formats, with the best of the two offering great-quality playback. Newer flicks come in a Windows Media format as well as MP4 and QuickTime formats.

Now, if you're wondering about photos, I can tell you that the site does indeed give you pics, but not nearly as many as you might expect. In fact, there are only five photo galleries. Though there aren't many pictures, you can at least take comfort in the fact that the ones you do get look good.

Nothing on the website is dated. That said, I can tell you that only 15 videos have been added to the site since September 2012, so it can't be updating all that often. At least you can keep busy  by visiting seven bonus sites from the Pecker Pass network. Fetish Soup, Helpless In High Heels and Suckin Stuff are three of the extra sites that you can take a look at.

Boobie Movies is a good site for folks who love to watch juggs jiggle. It could use some more photos and would benefit from updating more often, but it brings you a good amount of high-quality vids, so you can't complain too much.

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