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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I must admit that I'm old enough to be slightly out of touch with some of the trends for teens and folks in their 20s. Actually, it's not that I don't notice their style when I see them on the street, it's more that I don't really care for the glare you can get if they think you're staring too long. I can tell you though that even when I was younger, I was never quite hip enough to hang with the type of crowd you'll find on Homo Scene.

As part of the Emo Network, you get access to three other sites, including Homo Emo and Exposed Emos. Personally, the American amateurs on HomoScene don't look much different than the British dudes on the other sites. However, "scene" boys aren't supposed to be as sensitive as emos. Still, I see guys as skinny as their jeans, as well as tattoos, piercings and brightly colored highlights in punk-style haircuts.

You get only 16 videos with HD playback and they pretty much measure up to their stats. You have a choice between Windows Media and MP4 files (the MP4ones are the HD ones). Seven scenes show hardcore action with blowjobs and anal sex, while the other nine are solo. Unfortunately, they haven't updated in over two years.

You can download the 16 photo galleries in Zip files that contain high-res images. When you view them online, the pics appear much smaller in their embedded display, but you can turn on an automatic slideshow. My favorite spread shows Dylan Scouville. He's as thin as the other boys, but slightly more defined. He has incredible abs and a boyish face despite his medium-gauge septum piercing. His chest tattoo reads, "Flattery will get you everywhere."

You won't find a lot of sites out there that feature only these kinds of hotties. However, there's obviously not enough content to keep you occupied for long without resorting to checking out the bonuses. Homo Scene is too small even if it has some unique models , but the other three network sites have similar enough models to make joining something to consider.

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