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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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You could tickle me all day long and I wouldn't even flinch. That pretty much makes me the exact opposite of the babes you'll see on Tickle Torment. These chicks are as ticklish as can be and the people behind the website are going to take advantage of that by restraining the girls and forcing them to endure some hellish tickling.

TickleTorment isn't the prettiest website you'll ever come across, but its design is still pretty user-friendly. Links to the different areas are featured right at the top of each page and you can get to some adult games and stories via that bar as well. The homepage also provides you with news and updates.

The videos will succeed in putting a smile on your face. There are about 40 vids in all and it looks like they each offer good-quality playback. It appears as though there are more movies, but that's because most of the scenes are broken up into parts. But because of that it can take a few months to get full scenes. You can save them in Windows Media files or watch them right on the site in an embedded player.

As mentioned above, the chicks always find themselves restrained in some manner. Most are simply strapped to a table or a bed, but others get bound in more elaborate ways. Regardless of how it's done, the girls aren't going anywhere, so they have to sit and suffer through as much tickling as their tormentors feel like dishing out. Some of the babes also have vibrators used on them, so it's not just hands that drive them wild.

Though there is a picture section on the website, there are no actual photos. What you get instead are sets of vid caps. It's unfortunate, but they don't look all that bad. Billie is a hot blonde who is restrained in plastic wrap on a bed. Her video has her getting tickled under her arms as she kicks and wiggles in glee. The video captures have some great closeup shots of her red-faced and giggling as she tries to get away. 

You don't get any bonus sites with a membership, but you can pay a little more when you sign up and get access to some that focus on Femdom, masturbation and even more tickling. You might have fun with Tickle Torment for a month, but you won't stick around longer unless they start adding full scenes faster and grow the site to a more respectable size.

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