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Updated on: 03/22/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1137
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Since we last visited BackroomFuckers...

  • The website has resumed updating and now seems to be posting new material each week.
  • There are now more HD videos.
  • The number of bonus sites has increased.
  • The website has a new look and now you need to filter the content in the video and photo sections.

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I used to go to a dive bar that definitely had some gay shenanigans going down. I had some wild adventures there back in the day, but I must say that on Backroom Fuckers it's a lot raunchier. I mean, there might have been a blowjob or handjob in a dark corner, but not nudity and bareback sex.

BackroomFuckers was redesigned and now when you sign in, you'll find yourself on the Gay Porn Mega Sites' homepage. To get to the BackroomFuckers content you came to see, you need to select the site from a drop-down menu in the video and photo sections. You have to adjust the filters every time you head into another section or return to the one you were in and it's a bit annoying.

There are currently 56 videos that give you backroom fucks. They vary in quality, but many of them can be downloaded in an HD format. They're also available in a format meant for use with mobile devices and they can all be streamed in an embedded player.

About half the scenes have couples going at it and the rest features threesomes, foursomes or even five-guy orgies. They make a big deal about how many scenes contain "butch" performers, but you won't see any super-macho men or hairy bears or anything.

These are just in-shape, smooth-skinned amateurs (one with a light dusting of body hair) and some guys in leather harnesses. You'll see guys giving each other head and fucking, all in the setting of a bar or on the patio outside of one. There's even a scene with a backroom-style gloryhole, although the guy getting sucked off can actually peek over the top, so he can see who's blowing him.

There are also 28 photo sets to go along with the movies. You can download the pics in Zip files, which is great because there are some high-res shots that are definitely worth saving. I'm really into the kinds of hunks who show up in these shoots.

I like men with bods that are trim, not super-pumped up like they spend all their time at the gym. I prefer faces that are cute, maybe a bit scruffy, rather than looking like they're wearing lip gloss and waxing their eyebrows.

The website got back to updating and it seems to be posting one new video and one set of pictures each week. Between updates, you can go explore the rest of the network's sites. There are five for you to enjoy, including Boys From Prague, Daddy Raunch and Straight Rent Boys.

Backroom Fuckers isn't the biggest site out there, but isn't exactly tiny either and at least it's growing again. At its current size, it's big enough that you won't regret checking it out if you like gay scenes that take place in a bar setting.

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