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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Babes are great. Glam babes are even better and it follows from there that super-glam chicks would be even better, right? Well, whether they are better than other babes is maybe a personal thing, but there is no question that these babes are total hotties and now you can check them out on your mobile phone on Super Glam Babes Mobile.

SuperGlamBabesMobile sounds like a great idea on the surface. I mean, who wouldn’t want access to hot content right on their handheld screens? Well, while the idea is great, the execution isn't. I checked out the site on an Android phone and on an iPod Touch. The multi-platform accessibility is nice, but it's only once signed in that the issues arose for me (along with something else when I saw how beautiful they were).

Have you ever checked out a mobile-formatted site on your desktop? You know how they often take up just the very middle of your screen, but look great on your portable's small screen? That's not the case here. When you check it out on your small screen, it's shrunk to take up the same proportion, meaning it shows up as a blurry line of pink in the middle of even the smallest handheld screen. This makes it so that you have to zoom in a lot on each and every page.

There are 191 good-looking photo sets available so far, but there is no way to surf through them other than going from page to page and scrolling through the preview images for each set. There is no model index like there is on the non-mobile version. However, the most frustrating design issue was discovered when I checked out one of the photo sets.

You have to go through each set one picture at a time. Tap on the image and it takes you to the next one. Given that sets average about 100 pics and you don't get the full nudity till about halfway through, that’s a lot of tapping to see pussy. Then there were the videos - or rather weren't.

Not only are there just three videos, but also they can't be accessed on your mobile device. To see them, you need to get on your computer and go to Super Glam Babes. There, you can download the five parts (making up your three total) behind-the-scenes vids. At least they're in HD, but since you can't view them on your mobile device, we consider them a bonus. You also get access to all the bonus sites there, like Patty Parisi.

The site updates three times a week with new photo galleries. The Super Glam Babes Mobile ladies are gorgeous and almost make it impossible not to recommend the site, but then there is the poor design and navigation, and the fact that the videos can't be viewed on your portables and it ends up not being an enjoyable experience.

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