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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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As a pornographic paysite reviewer, many people ask me if I ever get tired of porn, or they may even go so far as to brazenly ask whether it affects my sex life. Well, I am quite happy to report that, if anything, I've been surprised at how the new things I've witnessed have gotten me off by watching them or doing them. Still, at times, some sites lack creative inspiration. Luckily, I get to check out sites like Heavenly Spire that rekindles the fire.

One thing that I've learned to be very open minded about is sexual orientation in its many forms. However, porn is filled with lots of gay-for-pay performers who still carefully choose how they label their ability to be with the same or opposite sex. HeavenlySpire, on the other hand, avoids labels or deconstructs them with its unique gay porn shot from a genderqueer perspective.

Now, I have seen similar content, but often it's shot with a female audience in mind. But here a experienced director in the genre, Shine Louise Houston, has a unique way of showcasing the 16 stellar-quality videos that bring you real people, both male by birth and those who have had some surgical help to become the person they always felt they were inside.

There are no photos, but the footage is shot beautifully without losing its integrity of showing genuine folks on the screen, nor without it being so ethereal that you feel like it's highbrow art, not smut to get you off. There's a mix of solo masturbation and hardcore action, with kissing, throat fucking, strapon sex and fisting. You also get to know a bit about the models before they begin their erotic performances.

This site is relatively new and as far as I can tell, updates are weekly. You actually have two pricing options: one that has streaming-only videos and one that lets you download scenes (the price listed here is for the download option). If you're tired of porn that seems ordinary and impersonal, Heavenly Spire aspires and succeeds at being a much hotter alternative.

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