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METCN might look like a jumble of letters to some, but it actually stands for "Met In China." In its own words, it's China's "number one site focusing on photographing research and creating the high-quality photographs." Apparently it's also "the original pure beauty site." It seems like something may have been lost translation, so I'll tell you a bit about the website myself.

To state it simply, METCN is a softcore site that serves as a showcase for Chinese cuties. It's not even really a porn site, as it's more like an online art gallery that specializes in presenting erotic photography. Not an art lover? You will be once you get through this site.

Before you get to enjoy the content, you have to find it and getting to everything is a bit of a pain. The website doesn't have the greatest design and there's material spread out in different sections. Actually, the videos are all grouped together in one place, but the pic sets are all over and they're often broken up into parts, which makes counting them a chore.

As it stands, there are 19 videos and about 122 photo galleries. Three video formats are utilized on the site and quality varies, but don't despair because there are some HD flicks and they're worth looking for. Well, at least they are if you're interested in viewing the vids in the first place. Just so you know, they're pretty much behind-the-scenes movies set to music. Basically, you get to watch as the models pose for pictures and speak with the photographers.

The pictures are the real attraction, as they show the models posing in sexy outfits and in the nude. The babes get photographed in a wide range of locations and the shots are taken both indoors and outdoors, so you don't have to worry about seeing the same studio setting over and over again.

The pics look really good on the site and you can download them in Zip files. I recommend you do just that and not only for convenience sake. Once you unzip the files, you'll find yourself in the possession of some truly stunning high-res images.

The update schedule isn't quite clear, but it looks like there's new material being added, so I'll have to assume that you can expect at least one update a week. There's a section that mentions you get "up to six updates a day," but it really doesn't look like that's a common occurrence. Design and navigation issues aside, METCN is a fine site, especially since there aren't many photography sites devoted entirely to Chinese models.

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