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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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It can certainly feel like college keeps you captive. There are assignments, exams, social functions, extracurricular activities and so on. The multitude of commitments can sometimes feel like you're a prisoner, made to work your fingers to the bone without rest. Yet, the College Captives on this site don't feel imprisoned by their pursuit of higher education. They are literally being captured and restrained for your sexual pleasure.

I thought I would see a whole student theme, but the "college" in CollegeCaptives refers more to the age of the bound babes rather than their occupation or any school setting. The site makes sure to stipulate on their tour page that you're going to see "college girls (18+) are restrained and humiliated." Not only do you see hot, fresh-faced coeds, but they're beautifully bound in ropes, chains and tie wraps and getting their asses spanked, mouths gagged, tits punished and pussies pleasured.

There are 65 movies to take in. Some of the vids just show you a bound girl, while others have a chick being dominated by another woman. I watched one video where a babe got her nipples clamped by some very painful-looking, jagged clamps by a man, but he remained off camera and spoke in German, so I couldn't tell what he was saying. Oh yes, all of the dialogue in these scenes is in German.

All the movies can be saved in a good-quality Flash file and you download them in Zip files. When you open the Zip file, you get the video and a handful of screen grabs. They look pretty good for vid caps. There are also 64 photo sets also downloadable in Zip files and filled with high-res pics. I only wish that there were numbered page links to make it easier to move through this collection.

If you like a little Femdom fun with your bondage scenario, you might consider watching Sindelina dominate Karin. Karin is a slim hottie and she ends up getting tied to a tree with her nipples and pussy lips clamped and her mouth gagged. I especially like the part where Sindelina takes off Karin's shoe and gives her sole a good smack. You'll also see wax play, flogging, forced orgasms and pony play.

They add one video and photo set each week, but keep in mind that sometimes instead of full-length flick or complete photo gallery you might just get a part or partial set of pictures. I was a little disappointed to see that I didn't get any extras. If you're a fan of bound teens, you should stop by College Captives for a look. You might want to get yourself a German-English dictionary first, but there isn't that much dialogue and German sounds sexy and dominant to me.

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