Our Dating Review Criteria

Profile Quality (10 Points)
Attractive people with interesting profiles, the majority including photos.

Presentation (10 Points)
Is the overall site attractive? Is the site covered in garish ads or bad graphics?

Search Options (10 Points)
Are you able to narrow down your search so that you only have to the review the most relevant profiles?

Quick Contact (10 Points)
Is there any way of contacting another member rapidly when you you need sex fast? eg Chat, Voicemail, Instant Messaging

Free Access Level (10 Points)
Do non-member visitors have the option of posting a profile and/or showing they're interested in yours? It will increase the number of people you have a chance to meet not limit it to hardcore dating site users. Do you have a way of letting free members contact you back for free e.g. Can you send a prepaid response e-mail?

Member Stats (number of members, ratio) (10 Points)
Overall does the site have a lot of members? Does it promote openly its male/female ratio. Does it advertise how many profiles are active versus non-active?

Extra Features (20 Points)
Do you have non-standard options available like video, voicemail or cam. Does the site offer other content such as porn pictures/movies, erotic stories, tips /advice on writing a successful ad, dating and sex?.

Navigation (10 Points)
Is it easy to access all sections and find things when you're searching for specific information? Are there so many ads and pop-ups it is difficult to know where not to click?

Price (10 Points)
How expensive is the least costly membership per month ? Minus one point for any access to standard services that are limited e.g. You should be able to view/contact all members without additional limits, such as tokens or message quotas of any sort.

Daily Cost Points
$0.40-$0.60 10
$0.61-$0.80 9
$0.81-$1.00 8
$1.01-$1.20 7
$1.21-$1.40 6
$1.41-$1.60 5
$1.61+ 4

Example of site marked:

Site Name: SexSearch
Reviewed on: 03/04/05
Profile Quality: 81/100
Profile Quality: 8/10
Presentation: 9/10
Search Options: 10/10
Quick Contact: 10/10
Free Access Level: 5/10
Member Stats: 7/10
Extra Features: 18/20
Navigation: 7/10
Price: 8/10
Presentation: 9/10

Comments? Email me if you have a suggestion for a better rating scheme:

~The Rabbit~