Th’ RISE Awards brin’s together ye –€“ th’ porn fan or producer –€“ ‘n th’ most knowledgeable crew in porn site reviewin’, RabbitsReviews. Th’ votin’ process be intense ‘n one o’ th’ most involved that we’ve ever heard o’. Here’€™s how it goes down:


We spend th’ year reviewin’ as many new XXX sites as we can find usually jus’ o’er 1,000 per year.


We begin discussions on which new categories t’ consider, look at areas we haven’€™t previously covered, ‘n decide which categories t’ include from previous years.


We post banners on RabbitsReviews askin’ our readers t’ nominate th’ sites they’€™d like t’ see win a RISE award. We also write t’ th’ websites t’ ensure they’€™ve submitted any new sites they’€™d like considered that haven’€™t yet been reviewed by our crew.


Nominations close ‘n th’ real work begins. We ask sites t’ submit th’ three best scenes from thar nominated site so we can ‘ave them ready fer viewin’ when judgin’ begins. If they fail t’ submit them, we choose them ourselves.

We then loot our staff o’ senior writers ‘n editors (five or more are always present) ‘n put them in a cabin fer a week. Unlike on RabbitsReviews, wha’ makes a winnin’ site isn’€™t determined by set criteria. A site won’€™t win ’cause it has th’ highest-quality picture resolution or th’ largest porn collection. Wha’ will make a site stand out be if it has content fittin’ th’ required category in th’ eyes o’ th’ majority o’ our judgin’ panel.

We follow a strict procedure, but every judge in th’ cabin be told t’ vote usin’ thar experience ‘n o’erall feelin’ fer a site. We go through each submission in detail ‘n do th’ followin':

  • Watch three or more videos from each site (picture sites are done through picture sets) t’ get a feel fer th’ shootin’ style ‘n performers.
  • We open th’ table up t’ opinions, get into a fight or two o’er wha’ th’ essence o’ that particular category actually be, ‘n then open up th’ votin’.

Ye’€™d be hard pressed t’ find a more thorough ‘n open votin’ procedure when it comes t’ porn awards. If ye’€™re a fan o’ our reviews, ye’€™ll love th’ winners we choose!