The Rabbits Affiliate Program's Promo Tools

Whether you want to use your code to link directly to us with your code or are interested in trying a different strategy, there are many options for webmasters to make money with our reviews. Here you'll find examples of some of our recommended promo tools:

Text Links:

An easy way to monetize your traffic is with a simple text link. You can link directly to the homepage, a niche category or a particular review using your affiliate code. Either way, the traffic that you send will have access only to those sites that you have chosen to promote and, at the same time, you will benefit from our reputation of honest, high-quality reviews.
Check out an example here: Rabbits Porn

Banner Links:

Want a bit of flash on your site or have traffic that recognizes the RabbitsReviews brand? Rely on the benefits that our reputation affords by adding banner links to prominent positions on your sites. The better the position you give us, the more likely you will be able to bank on wads of cold, hard cash. See for yourself where this banner can take you:
Honest Porn Reviews

RSS Filter And RabbitSense Tools:

For those who want more than simple banner or text links, the Rabbits Affiliate Program allows affiliates flexible and effective tools that can be catered to your personal needs. With the RSS filter tool, you can have content that is automatically updated and features only the type of sites you want to promote. You can filter the content that gets updated on your site by category, date when last reviewed or updated, score and even the sitenames.

The information taken from the RSS filter can be displayed in any way you desire: horizontal or vertical with lists of up to 10 sites. However, when combined with the powerful RabbitSense tools available exclusively to our affiliates, you can easily replicate part of our review, the thumbnail, galleries and links and change them to match the look of your site.

Check out some of these examples that we've made to blend in with our current design: