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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Are you Up For It? The end of my query also happens to be the name of an online dating site with a definite focus on the sexual rather than romantic reasons for meeting someone. I appreciate that they don't try to play all sides, but spell out exactly what this site is all about from the moment you start your profile.

When you fill out your free profile by default it checks off most of the reasons why you'd be on the site. There's saucy email or chat, casual encounters, discreet relationship and the last two somewhat vague couples and other. Strangely enough, they do leave the "sex" checkbox blank until you manually select it yourself.

You can do free local searches, including those using advanced options. There is a bit of a catch though, because once you try to go past the fifth page of results, you'll be prompted to upgrade. Also sometimes when you try to see someone's full profile you'll also get the upgrade prompt, although if you click on "I would like to pay later..." the screen will revert back to the member's details.

There are chat rooms that you can see what other folks are saying, but you'll need to pay to participate in the end. One thing that I'm not so in love with is the fact that there is a tab section in the chat area showing you who's on cam. Although I think that video chat is possible between two members, the people listed are actually paid performers.

You'll see them listed again when you click on the live cams section, which will open a new window displaying your typical cam site offering free preview chats. It has the dating site's name on its banner and even refers to amateur women looking for dates, but any more intimate "dating" will require you buy credits to enter into a private chat.

I also got a lot of popup chat messages while I was visiting and I had provided almost no info when I created my profile and didn't upload a photo. If I had wanted to read what the ladies were sending to me, I would have had to pay. You can send free prewritten icebreakers, but freeform messages require both people are paid members.

This site is estimated to get a respectable number of visitors to its pages though when I check out its stats on an independent traffic-reporting site. I'm a bit wary of the large amount of advertising cluttering its pages and the unsolicited chat offers - I'm not sure that all the profiles here are genuine. Still, Up For It is quick to join and offers extensive free searches, so you've really nothing to lose in trying it out.

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