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By: Rabbit
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Swinger Date Link is a promising dating site because it’s not just limited to sex or dating or friends, but sets up an environment for everything. It’s also very cool to see a site that mixes heterosexual and bisexual relationships into one. After you select your gender, you can choose the gender of the person you’re looking for, which means their can be any combination of men and women, men and men or women and women. Swinging couples can also get in on the action.

Maybe I’m just narcissistic, but it’s always fun to create online profiles about myself. Here you can do it for free, which is the main attraction of the site. I’m usually turned off when I have to fill out long forms, but this site actually makes it fun. There are a series of questions with drop-down menus full of detailed and often witty answers to select from. Considering the amount of information I filled out, the process seemed quite fast.

The profile form asks a lot of specific and often fun questions. However, considering this is a swingers' site, it would be more interesting of they were questions about sexual preferences or interests. I have to admit that I lost steam when it came to uploading a picture since I didn’t have one readily available. But it seems I’m not alone since most profiles don’t have pictures, not even a small thumbnail.

The major downside of this site is that once you’ve launched your free profile, there’s not much else you can do unless you pay for a membership. You can search for other profiles using an in-depth search engine. However, when the list of profiles pops up, you can’t click to access them. This means that unless you pay for a membership, you will only see basic info – the username, location and what age range their looking for.

You can’t send messages with a free profile nor can you use the live chat, which makes a free profile pretty much useless. If this is the case and most people only have free accounts, then it’s a wonder how anyone makes a connection on this site. Moreover, the members database is shared among a number of sites, such as such as the previously reviewed Adult Date Link rather than being unique to the individual site.

The site offers significant fee reductions the longer you sign up. A year-long membership is only four times the monthly sign-up fee. Still, it’s difficult to recommend signing up at any cost when it’s unclear how many of the other profiles will be able to send you messages. Plus, with all the free chat sites out there, messaging is hardly a service you can charge for these days.

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  • Comment by: barondb

    Score: 20% Date: 05/30/2015

    I've been on this site (paid) for about a week. So far there have been absolutely no 'real' women contact me or answer my inquires. I continuously get requests to chat and go to pay cam sites, but the ladies just don't seem to be real here. Just lots and lots of young girls wanting to see me on their web sites.

    Everyone is shown as being off this site for greater than one month? Is this a technical issue or just there are really no women on this site except those being paid to do so?

    I may update this review later, but so far I am very disappointed.

  • Comment by: maf

    Score: 100% Date: 03/29/2010

    Beware, this site as others have scammers, alleged love that is out to pull from your pocket, at least the side i experienced..........the male wanting female side, frankly I would love to set up sting operations to catch them in the act and have people brought to justice.......i need funding for that myself.